Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle.

David Beckham.

Jude Law.

There's no denying that this tiny island is packed with talent.

So it comes as no surprise
 to watch the twitter world go crazy
after yesterday's announcement 
of the UK's first shelter e-zine,

Led by a stunningly clever and cute trio
from the centre of London's design community
are announcing the premier issue for this September.

After tonight's dinner with Arianna & Carole 
(and my darling friend, Helena),
 at the always delicious Busaba Thai,
now having to wait the entire summer 
for the launch issue in September seems a bit painful!

Heart Home is going to have tons of gorgeous British homes,
loads of quirky & unique features,
and most importantly?

It will have an unabashed, cool, British vibe 
that will inevitably leave you tingling.

Can I get an "amen?"