Candace Bushnell: Making This Summer Hot.

This year will be a year
that I remembered for many reasons.

I moved to England.
I started my dream job.
I contemplated an affair with a Croque Madame in Paris...

and I became obsessed with Candace Bushnell.

Remember last year when I received 

I soooo underappreciated that.

Had it been this year,
it would have been a different story.


True, I'm a little late in the game.
Candace Bushnell's already been a legend for years
for the creation of Sex & The City...
but what can I say?

Endless hours on British public transport
have provided the perfect setting for me 
to get immersed in her books for hours upon end.

In fact, I finished the last pages 
of my only remaining Bushnell book, Trading Up,
  on my way home from London last night.

As fate would have it, I soon learned 
that the new sequel to last year's prequel
of Sex and the City,
goes in store today
at Barnes & Noble.

Just in time for summer,
and just in time to keep my addiction fed.