Paris Or Bust.

Every spring, European MBA programs
get together for some friendly "Olympics"... in PARIS.

So, I'm happily taking my place as a WAG
("wives and girlfriends")
and heading out for the fun
as Tyler plays basketball for Oxford.

We won't be staying with the school
(we rented our own apartment in Paris through this site)
and not really missing out on the 12 hour bus ride
(advance Eurostar tickets for £69 r/t).

Besides the obvious reasons you get giddy about going to Paris,
I'm excited to go with Tyler...
he's never been!

We'll be spending the next five days
walking all the sites, eating all the food, 
shopping for more fun things for FOUR SALE,
and scouring all the museums loaded with gorgeous art.

It's hard to think of Paris 
without thinking of all the massively important art.

Which is why I think it's perfectly normal
to want to bring home some Parisian art of own's one.

Perhaps these are a bit less sophisticated 
than the beauties at the Louvre and D'Orsay, 
but I do find them quite clever.




If you could spend an afternoon gazing 
at one piece of art
or one artist's work...
what would you choose?