I love getting emails from readers
that ask me where/what/who I am wearing.

It makes me feel like I'm cool...
until I pathetically try to explain how I stumbled upon the noted item,
and long-windedly resolve that it would be impossible for them to have one, too.

"I found this really cool store in Cyprus 
and they were on sale for 1/2 off."

"Well, it is (insert cool designer here), 
but I had a coupon 
at an employee sample sale 
where my cousin worked."

You get the picture.

So today, while I was buying things 
for my friends off their wish lists
(a.k.a: "If you ever see anything cool for me in Europe 
like (insert cool object here),
will you snag it for me and I'll pay you back?"... 

I had an idea.

I'll buy a few extras and sell them to you on my Etsy site.

That way, you can get in on the action
for the same cool price I get it at.

 I won't be making money,
 just trying to share the love...
and my prime access to European retail.

Kind of brilliant, right?

I'm only going to buy four of any item, ever.

(Because I can't risk buying a ton of stuff you might not like. Sorry!)

It's a fun little concept called:

(You know, because there is only four of each piece.)

I'll let you know when I find something cool
and grab a few extra for you guys.

Like these cute clutches I bought today.

They were really "Marc Jacobs-y" to me...
(well, the pink & orange clutch is. you'll see it in the shop)

And ultimately, they're just too awesome to not share.

* note: sold out! *