Going Out with a Bang

Did you know that in ten weeks we will be leaving Oxford?

UK masters programmes are only one year.

So, we'll be packing up our little flat
that overlooks the Thames,
and moving on to life ahead

I haven't wanted to bring it up yet...
because honestly,
it makes me too sad to think about leaving.

This year has been the best year.

Not only have Tyler & I grown so close to each other
living here on our own,
but we've grown really close to our friends in Oxford.

Oxford is a beautiful city
full of dreamy spires and charming nuances...
but what always keep it perfect to us
are the friendships we have made here.

(Isn't that how life should be? I think so.)

But, enough with the sadness.

The tears & goodbyes are still weeks away,
and there are adventures to be had in the meantime... and parties.

Lots & lots of parties!

While our budget is way past, long gone, blown to crap tight...
I'll be dressing up in pieces I already have.

But just as Oxford is known for it's dreaming spires...
so will I keep dreaming while I'm here.

Here are some looks that I'm longing to wear...
but our students bank account just can't bare.

silver sequins, mustard pumps | lacey lovely, satin peeptoes | glittery goodness, gold-lined heels