You (don't) look happy to greet me...

...but I still love you anyway, 
Captain & Mrs. Von Trapp.


Did anyone else dream of being Leisl when they were little?
(I did.)

Or wish you were as cute as Gretel?
(I did.)

Hope your week is going well...
thanks for putting up with my inconsistent posting
and low responding lately.

I am drowning a little bit right now.

...guests in town, work, Tyler's school, friends, making plans to move....

Today, I actually scheduled a shower for myself 
to make sure I had time to wash my hair 
in the midst of all that was going on.

It's that bad.

I'm giving myself a pick me up
by way of the Sound of Music.

(My very favorite movie ever, ever, ever.)

Anyone else love this on-screen family
 about as much as you love your own?