My Cute Friend...


We met in ninth grade biology...
and somewhere along the way became friends.

A little group of eight of us became inseparable.

We started a band, Rusted Dragon, that never played-
and now bear the shame of choosing 
the most ridiculous band name ever.

To this day, 
we still laugh until we cry about our pubescent shenanigans.

We even named our group "The Polo Gang..." 
which, in retrospect, is equally embarrassing.

While all of us are now scattered around the world
-each doing completely different, random things-
we're still really close.

And I'm especially close to Vic...
because regardless of how dorky & sheltered we once were,
she is out living the life in Brooklyn as a photographer.

and running the site, 

and, oh, yeah....
and the foodie blog, 

And doggonnit, she's just so dang cute.

Look at her and her husband's new summer cuts.
So cute, I tell you!

I guess since our fake-band never actually started...
it kept us from ever breaking up.

What's your longest-lasting friendship?