Postcard from Paris (via The Yuppie Files!)

Bon matin, mes amis!

I'm welcoming the lovely readers of The Yuppie Files
to Aspiring Kennedy this morning
living the dream life in Paris.

Now doesn't *that* sound amazing?

I can never get sick of Paris...
or anything French, really.

In fact, when Kellie asked me
What my favorite import from France was...

I really had to stop and think.

How can you even start to pick between
Laduree, Yves Saint Laurent, Bioderma Skincare,
and my favorite high-school hobby, french kissing.

As much as I may love all of those things-
something I'm thankful for everyday,
(the real bread & butter of my happiness)
is quite literally,
french bread & butter.

A crusty baguette and a cold slab of salty french butter
crowned with some jewel-toned jam.

Zut alors!

I'm in heaven.

What's your favorite import from France?

P.S.  If you're looking for a cool blogger chick to connect with- Kellie is one of my favorite blogging friends. I love her blog. Bop on over to The Yuppie Files and say hello. You'll love her!