Birthday Wish

If I could pick the perfect day to celebrate my 27th birthday,
what would I do?

It would probably involve a day spent with my love...

and my parents...

frolicking through our favorite Tuscan town...

eating delicious Italian meals....

and not having to worry about layering,
random rain showers,
or have to worry about my shoes getting soaked through.

we did all of that yesterday.

Today we will have to settle for lunch at the Antinori vineyard,
 dinner off the Ponte Vecchio 
at my favorite restaurant in the world, Golden View,
and going back to "villa sit" our friend's place afterwards.

I realize how ridiculous and absurd it all sounds,
but alas-
 it's true!

Somehow, I lucked out this year on my birthday.

The only thing that could make it better?

Is if all you guys were there to join the party!

What would you do on your "perfect" birthday?