Sunday Funday: Italian Style

Some of you write me emails or comments
saying how exhausting my schedule is.

You're worn out from my crazy schedule.
You can't keep up with where I am this week.
You get tired just reading about all the places we go.

I typically don't reply... 
because I'm too tired to think of a witty response!

You're right-
I don't stop.

I get too excited about every day
to pause and let myself relax.

I need to join the local chapter of
Adventurers Anonymous.

Today though,
our bodies were begging to stop.

So we didn't set an alarm,
and decided to sleep in.


It felt glorious.

And guess what? 

It's 10:30 pm, 
and we are headed to bed with a movie
& plans of falling quickly asleep.

That's what the sabbath is all about, right?

Here are the simple makings 
to my day of relaxation...
with a Tuscan twist.

shampoo | movie | ice cream sandwich | butter nail polish | pizza 

How do you unwind?
Bubble bath? Tea? Books?

{All tips are welcome!}