Friday Funday: But honestly....


I love looking through your blogs.

I wonder what everyone is like in their "real lives."

Blogging really allows us to connect in our creative sides...
but I love getting to know you
and discovering "who else" you are.

Are you someone's teacher?
Do you sort buttons?
Can you decorate fancy cakes?
Have you ever been published?
Are you busy raising your babies?

These are things I like to know.

So in order to charm you into being honest,
 I'll be a bit candid with you...

While I may get to show you my frolicking and playing around Europe...

The "real" Aspiring Kennedy works from home doing marketing...
{which is what I'm "trained" to do}
and I also coordinate the overseas program for an American University...
{which is what I "love" to do}
and I can be often found on my couch in my pajamas...
{or "blogging fitigues" as my friend, Beth, says}
way past respectable pajama-wearing hours.

So there you have it.

I've lifted my mask.

Now it's your turn.