Tuscany Day Trip | Civita Di Bagnoregio

For anyone looking to experience Tuscany, and I mean the real Tuscany (not just downtown Florence), this weekend I'm happy to share my favorite day trips with you. Maybe you have been here earlier, or are planning a trip there soon, or maybe- it can just serve as inspiration for a "someday" trip. Either way, these are all very obtainable -and budget friendly-day trips you can take from Florence that seem to provide consistent enjoyment.

CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO is a visual feast. From it's dramatic position situated in the middle of Tiber river valley to it's

scenic views, this town is a pleaser for both the men & the ladies.

the tiber river valley. at the edge of bagnoregio, at the start of the crossing to civita. To be honest, "Civita" is technically not in Tuscany, it's in Lazio...but as it is easily drivable from Florence, as well as totally stunning, I've added it to our list.

The city was founded by the Etruscans over 2,500 years ago but like another beloved Italian city...is literally disappearing gradually over time. Though unlike Venice's problem of sinking, Civita loses its city from landslide and shifts. Beyond the shrinking city, the town's population is also shrinking. In the winter, the town population sits around 12 people. In the summer, it explodes to almost 100.

To get to Civita, you'll have to head to Bagnoregio. You can either drive there or take the train to Orvieto and take a bus to Bagnoregio. Once you arrive in Bagnoregio, you walk across an amazing bridge into the tiny town. It is definitely an experience!

There isn't much to do in this small town other than gawk and eat, but it's absolutely perfect.

The streets of Civita are quiet & lonely, with only a handful of Italian tourist sharing the city with you.

Visiting Civita is ideal for the late morning, before the day gets too hot and to allow you the lunch setting of a lifetime.

The local restaurants are exceptionally good and well-priced, which is most towns should be expected. But in Civita is actually quite amazing... after you consider that all food & drink has to be carried in across the bridge, every single day. Once you have walked the town, had lunch in one of Civita's sleepy piazzas, head back to Bagnoregio (where you crossed the bridge) and make your way 30 minutes up the road to Orvieto to complete the perfect day trip.


*images by Aspiring Kennedy & Rob Garey