India: From India, With Love

I've had several emails that have suggested Kay's blog to me
as a resource for our trip to India.

{You guys are so nice! Thanks!}

Kay moved to Delhi earlier this year
and has a great blog,
 that has been a great resource for me.

And I'm skimming a bit of her goodness
and bringing it to Aspiring Kennedy this morning.

After all, it's always good to get advice from a local...
but after living abroad, I've learned,
it's even better to get advice from a local ex-pat.

They have a great way of seeing things the way you would.
helping you identify any logistical areas you might not have thought through,
and picking out flavors that your palette will especially enjoy.

That's why having Kay answer my question:

What's the biggest surprise waiting for me in India?

is a such a treat!


Thanks so much for inviting me to contribute to your guest series!
I’m from Toronto but have been living in Delhi for 4 months now working as a paid volunteer  
- and while I still have 8 months to go and much more to explore and discover about this country, 
I’d say.....
The biggest surprise waiting for you in India is...
the extreme contrasts you’ll encounter. 

Jacquelyn of Lark + Linen already  said the same thing but I think it warrants repeating. 
India seems to be a land of extreme contrasts -
 in very close proximity of each other. 

You’ll see the most beautiful architecture hundreds of years old 
and a few hundred feet away people are living under tarps. 

You’ll eat the most delicious food and just steps away from the door people will have no food....
The WHO (World Health Organization) building - backs onto/overlooks a large slum. Seriously. 
It surprised me 4 months ago and continues to surprise me today.

Your brother mentioned that India is "an assault on your sense."

This is so true.

Your senses will constantly be stimulated...
You will be surprised by the sensory overload you experience.
You will be surprised by the fact that most everything seems to happen for no rhyme or reason. 
You will be confused and try to figure things out.
(for the most part) 
Don’t try to figure it out.
Just go with the flow.

And to finish up... 
You’ll be surprised at what beautiful saris, scarves, embroidery, and jewelry, $20 (Rs.1000) can get you. 

I hope you enjoy India.


We are packing up and headed out the door now
to make our own journey to Delhi.

I can't wait to get exposed to the "real part of India"
{as touristy Goa is apparently "India for Beginners"}...
Kay, you are the best. Thanks for sharing!