Monday Moods: I feel... green

I'm green!

Not green with envy...

Or "green" because I love to recycle...
(though I do love to recycle!)

And I don't feel green
 because I'm car sick from all these windy Indian roads...

And I'm definitely not feeling green
 because of a sudden influx of the big bucks.

Just plain green.

It's hard not to feel green in India during the monsoon,
everything is so lush and lively.

I think you'd like it here!

how now brown  cow? 

even ants love chocolate! cocoa plants on a spice farm.

no make up. no touching up the arm chub. no judging. :)

i keep looking for the swiss family robinson. no luck yet. will keep you posted.
definitely tastes better out of a bottle.

women sell these flowers along the road to wrap in their hair as shampoo is expensive in rural areas.
they smell like lilies.. and cost around $0.80!

still no sign of swiss family robinson. the search continues.

as goa was settled by portuguese, it's architecture & religion is heavily influenced in this way.
this is us exploring a famous cathedral (?!) in goa named st. francis xavier.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy