Breakfast Reading

Most of us like to consider ourselves "laid-back."

I'm a go-with-the-flow type myself.

Do you like to walk around in a kimono and a spare rabbit in your purse?


Are you training to be a professional hand-stander and want to practice in my front yard?

Have at it.

You want us to stay in a dirty hotel and go without bathing for 3 days in order to travel cheaper?

I can deal.

But the one thing 
that has always pushed me into a bizarre rage
  is hearing people eat.

... chomping, chewing, slurping, crunching ...


It makes me want to loose my mind.


My sister and I have been in countless squabbles (as adults)
that typically transpire similarly to this:

Lauren & Meredith are driving along in car
Lauren sits quietly.
Lauren covers ears and yells: STOP CHOMPING YOUR ICE!
Meredith: Get over it!

So this morning, when my friend Grace posted this article 
from the New York Times,
I felt some relief.

It describes a newly named condition,
Misophonia, that covers this reaction.

Now, I'm not as severe as some of the cases-
but man, I get what they are saying

Maybe when Tyler eats peanut M&M's ,
I'll still accuse him of having a secretly implanted amp
 in his jaw for the sole purpose of annoying me...

Maybe I'll still dodge the kitchen
when my dad eats a bowl of Grape Nuts...

And maybe raising children who don't smack
won't move down on my list of life goals...

but at least I know I'm not completely crazy.

What do you think?
Crazy or Completely Right?