Under the Covers: iPhone Fashion

The bag you carry says a lot about who you are.

Maybe it doesn't reflect your worth
(since we can't all carry the Birkin we deserve),
but it does say something about our priorities.

While a bag can tell a story,
the main item we typically tote is our phone.

My phone could tell you everything about me.

What I've eaten for the past week in pictures.
A calendar of what I'm doing.
Received calls from loved ones-
missed calls from the people I want to avoid.

We kinda divulge a lot about who we are
with those little things, don't we?

When the cover on mine started to fall apart,
I tried to hold off on buying a new one
for the sake of being too cheap & too busy.

I didn't want to jump into anything...
but when the Scotch tape holding the fabric up was no longer sticking,
I decided it was time to look for it's replacement.

{After all, I have to take care of this thing. It's my money maker. ha!}

There are so many great covers available...
and they can allow your phone to say a lot about who you are.

If you can dream it up-
it most likely exists.

After an afternoon scouring the internet
and Pinterest, I brought you back some of my favorites.

jonathan adler iphone cases | jonathan adler plumes case

I love Jonathan Adler's iPhone cases- so cheeky & bright!

Kate Spade's collection of iPhone cases are amazing. How great is that newspaper print?

Chilewich was luring me in, but I decided to not copy my friend Laura...
because no one likes to be ripped off, right?

cath kidston iphone cases

My inner-Brit kept bringing me back to Cath Kidston's classic designs.

Something about the faux-wood seemed cool and modern. Reminded me of something
my friend, Beth, of Hello Splendor would have.

But I finally settled on this lovely by Society 6.

Something about it reminds me of Degas...
I love that it's bright yet cool...
and girly but not flowery...
and, well, I just think it's purdy.