Monday Moods: I feel... small town.

Being fancy can be fun.

Dressing up in gowns,
& traveling with your girlfriends
are all certainly are lovely.

While those glittery things keep me constantly dreaming,
it can be the simplest of things that get me giddy.

After paying for our lunch yesterday
 at a pub next door to Beatrix Potter's farm,
we were invited by the bar tender 
to the marrow contest
 he was headed to judge.

A... Marrow Contest?

Apparently, a Marrow is a mutantly huge courgette/zucchini.

{Like huge as in last year's winner weighed 115 lbs.}

But beyond gigantic vegetables that could outweigh a teenager....

and vegetables dressed up in funny costumes...

and colorful vegetables grown by local school children...

and a cash-prized prize for 
accurately guessing the weight of marrows...

... there was, most importantly,
a delicious tea time
served by sweet people
who were happy to share their yummies with us.

So while it might seem a little hokey
and, undoubtedly, a little random...
I'll gladly take it.