Style Picks: One Day

 Have you seen One Day yet?

Whether it was the heartbreaking love story,
Jim Sturgess looking dreamy,
Anne Hathaway looking hilariously dorky,
or my bias to the London & Edinburgh backdrop...

I'm not so sure.

But I am sure that if you haven't seen it
you need to grab a girlfriend, 
some tissues & your favorite bag of junk food from a gas station...
and go see it tonight.

I don't want to have to tell you again.

It's just that good. 

Today I'm in Edinburgh myself,
and this place has me constantly thinking of the film.

So in honor of love & gorgeous style-
here are my own style picks for a look that is perfect for
One Day... & Night.

Two looks
- that are totally British -
and completely perfect for one day (and night) here in the UK.

Jimmy Choo whirl flats | rich & skinny toffee jeans | J Crew fisherman cardigan
T by Alexander Wang tank | pearl earrings | M.Patmos leather & wool jacket | Hunter Boots