All Treats- No Tricks, Please.

In case you need me this evening,
I'll be at a party at Fortnum & Mason.

{Yup, I love sounding cool.}

The truth is, as much as I feel like F&M is "my" special place,
anyone & everyone is invited to this soiree.

It's the store's Pumpkin Carving Contest
but the thing is...
Halloween in England
is similar to St. Patricks Day in the US.

People like it.
It's fun. 
There is themed junk available for purchase,
but it's just, 
you know, 
not actually remembered until the day arrives.

That's why I've elected myself as the Halloween Ambassador to the UK
and am taking the task of enlarging this wonderful holiday very seriously.

I have high hopes that, someday,
Britain can be a place where children can freely comb the streets at night
dressed bizarrely ghoulish & animalistic,
in effort to bribe their neighbors out of bags of fatty candy
in exchange for the promise not to terrorize them.

It's all I can hope for the world, really.

And the complimentary nibbles & sips that Fortnum & Mason is giving their guests?

Well that makes this place the best stop in London...
until, of course, Buckingham decides to pass out candy.