Packing for Paris

Today we are off to Paris with our dear friends, Anthony & Kellee....{Kellee is the one I surprised last year the week she was due in Dallas, remember?} They have been here with us in London for several days, and we have been having the BEST time. {It's great to be reunited with good friends, isn't it?} After taking London by storm, this party is moving east. We are headed out on the Eurostar to introduce our friends to Paris.

While my bags are packed with my closet's's one ensemble that I can only dream of packing.

malachite rolex | asos lychee flats | dorothy perkins blazer | h&m dress | ysl lipstick

This look is just right for Paris in October, n'est pas? Something about it just screams:  parfume, peonies, & patisseries.

{ Sigh. }

Oh well. If I can't take take the designer closet, I suppose four days in Paris with my love and our best friends will just have to suffice. {ha!}

If you could be anywhere with anyone, what scenario would you choose for this weekend?