Sweet & Sour

This week, I'm moving through some highs & lows.

First, I dropped my phone in the toilet,
{low point}
but had insurance that is sending me a new iPhone
{high point}.

Then I dropped my laptop and dented the frame near the hard drive
{low point}
luckily, my Apple Care is getting it replaced for me
{high point}
but it will take 10 days to get my laptop back
which makes important tasks (like blogging, facebook, & twitter) impossible
{low point}.

Continuing on,
some of our good friends came to stay with us this weekend.

It was wonderfully laid-back, hang out time
{high point}...

... until I walked in on our friend Rob in the shower,
tried to cover up the awkwardness by having an informal conversation (?!?!?).

What is wrong with me?

All of my mixed emotions culminated on Sunday.

Tyler & I stopped in TK Maxx
-which, yes, is the exact same store as TJ Maxx-
and I begin to peruse the racks with little interest.

Out of the corner of my eye,
 I spotted the retail equivalent of winning the lottery
discreetly sitting on a random shelf near sportwear:
unscuffed, white-leather, 
Christian Louboutin's in my size for £99.00!
{high point}

I didn't ask Tyler if I could or should buy them,
I just grabbed them and ran to check-out.

I got home, paraded around my bedroom in them 
and realized that, sadly, they really aren't my size.

They almost fit, but are just a bit too big for me to ever actually wear.
{lowest point}

I debated keeping them around, 
 you know, just in case...
but I'm trying to be real with myself:
I will never wear them since I can't walk in them.

Which leads me to my next point:
Do you want them?

They are glorious, heavenly, and perfect...
and I wanted to share the retail love 
with one of you lucky ladies
before I hand them over to the return counter
 at old TK Maxx.

They are size 41. 
They are Christian Louboutin's Lola in white
with a silver, spikey, metal heel.

And, goodness, they are gorgeous.

Email me at aspiringkennedy@gmail.com 

I'll reply to the first person that wants them & we can work out how to do this...
because if I can't have them,
they should at least go to someone I like.

*I will be out today, but will reply later this evening to these emails.