What Would Marie Wear?

May it never be said
that Sofia Coppola is 
anything less than an artist of cinematography.

What Michaelangelo did with marble, canvas & plaster...
so she can craft with actors, gorgeous settings & a muted pastel palette.

Honestly, I feel visually bloated after I watch her work...

Like I need to unbutton-the-top-button-of-my-brain
it's so stuffed with visual sweetness.

As I begin to pack my suitcases for Paris,
I wanted to craft the closet of Marie Antoinette,
as Sofia Coppola saw her.

So instead of starting off with a historical base...
I'm drifting towards the perspective of 
the on-set stylist for one of my favorite movies,
Marie Antoinette.
Off topic from Ms. Antoinette...
I'm back in Dallas now, 
and am in a flurry of catching up with friends
and spending time with family...

It feels so good to see these faces
and jaunt around in the sunny, 60 degree weather.

Thursday, we leave for NYC to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

I can't wait to be reunited with that city.

The two of us have had some good times together.