Five Steps to Pretty Living.

marc jacobs earbuds $42 | golda jewelry citrine ring $1,385 | TOPSHOP dress £20 | svpply raw silk pillows, $20-50 | Rolex 

Pick an item,
any item.

Odds are, that if you purchase any of these fancies,
you'll feel like a million bucks in no time.

{Or if you get the rolex, will have spent nearly that much.}

I, personally, got the earbuds for Christmas 
and love them so much.

And that TOPSHOP dress for £20?

 A steal.

I'm packing for NYC.

Our flight is early tomorrow,
and I'll be hitting the ground running.

Have we planned one thing yet?


But that's okay...
we don't need plans.

Just each other,
clear skies,
and an iPhone to capture the fun.