In Case of Emergency...

This blog will be left unattended.

I'm fine, Tyler's fine...
but some other people in our life aren't.

And while I love blogging,
I love these people even more.

Editor's Note: After re-reading this,
I want to clarify that nothing terrible has happened...
just a lot of little things to several people
that I feel I should take care of for now.

I'll be back in a day or two,
but for the meantime...

I need to fill my role 
of friend & family 
to some people I love dearly.

While I'm away,
I want to fill the void 
by giving someone something nice.

For what?

Well, it's kind of a lot of stuff
that I've been collecting over the past year 
while traveling here & there.

Things I meant to give as gifts
fron India, New York, London & elsewhere
that have instead become quite a pretty pile.

I think one of you might really love it.

And if you win it, 
you'll get to see first hand 
what exactly it is.

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