New York City: Part 2

This time last week,
I was frolicking down 5th Avenue 
& gazing over sushi at my lover.

The streets were noisy and crowded
and we were constantly in tune 
to the hum of the busy city.

Now I'm sitting on a musky lazy-boy 
in the back room of my grandma's house
in Wichita, Kansas.

The only sound I hear is 
the occasional rustle of plastic wrappers
as my grandma works her way 
through a bag of Werther's and the stack of mail that just came in.

I kinda like both about the same.

But since I know you all have no affection
or nostalgia to this tiny house in Kansas,
let's talk about New York.

Specifically, let's talk about a few gems
that can make a weekend in NYC better.


Spend a morning in the sunshine 
wandering along Manhattan's newest public space.
Wear your workout clothes and look like you are there for a reason.
Or opt for a blazer & a scarf with skulls on it
and meander lazily along it like me.

All types welcome.

I, especially, loved the views of the Empire State building 
& the clean modern designs of the renovated tracks.


There are various parking lots & garages
that transform from the workweek parking
to busy flea markets over the weekend.

I like the ones around 25th Street...

Two floors of antiques
with finds ranging from glassware & plates
to vintage mirrors & team pennants.
Don't forget to bring cash.


This West Village spot is a favorite among locals...
and is an easy sell for visitors, too.

homemade brioche french toast with hash browns, bacon & oj. $15, tartine.

With it's laid back atmosphere
and classic NY brunch offerings
(eggs benedict, french toast, omelettes, etc.)
it's easy to overlook the short wait outside 
and the feel like you've fallen on to a set of a 90's sitcom.

*If you want to go for dinner, it's BYOB
and is loved for opening your bottle & providing glasses 
for curbside aperitifs while you wait on the street for a table.


Tyler is a good man.

He bought me a new band for our 5th anniversary.
One to go with my wedding & engagement rings.
They make me feel like a lady.

My engagement ring is from this same shop, Golda.
My family has bought everything from them.
Their prices are crazy good, and we love the family that runs the store.

{I would love nothing more than to connect you with them. I love them!}


This Soho spot was first introduced to my by my old boss
during our trips up to Manhattan for the trade shows.

I love Mercer Kitchen
The food is good, the lay out is pretty,
 the macaroni & cheese makes me very happy,
and they take reservations.


The one hotdog I will eat in the world...
Well, actually... I eat *two* of them when we go.

$4.95 for the Recession Special
 {2 dogs & a drink.}

Don't skip the onion sauce.

Other good things:

Mario Batali's shrine to Italian foods. 
Next time, I'm going with an appetite and with intentions to dine in the "Piazza" 
where the center of the store becomes a hub for gourmet, Italian food. 
The common food court has entered a Renaissance 
and has been reborn into something awesome.

Best enjoyed in good weather,
this stand in Madison Square Park 
can have lines that may intimidate you...
But the perfect burgers, crinkle-cut fries & glammed-out custard shakes
are more than worth the wait.

Order big when you get to the front as portions are small 
and the crowds may not allow for seconds.

If you get in town late 
and are hankering for something eat-
this gastropub is the perfect spot.

It serves food late, has great burgers, and huge bar...
One of Mario Batali's creations.

This place is hard to describe, 
but it really is one of my favorite places in the city.
Think of PF Chang's cousin...
but it's smaller, indie, Malaysian cousin.

And if you go, please order the chili crab 
and an order of the fried rice. 

There are two locations, one in the Village
and one on the Upper West Side.
I do the latter, as they take reservations.

Another Batali creation
that I first discovered from my BFF, *Gwyneth.
It might be one of the hardest places I know of to get a table.
In fact, I kinda think only people like Gwynnie can get a table.

Opt for going at lunch to avoid the wait...
and try the Bucatini All'Amatriciana.

This place is just cool.
If you want to go to a hip place
that truly is like no other,
go here.

I like to take people here
when I want to try and look awesome.
It always works. 

*Not directly from her, but through GOOP. Basically the same though, right?
**All images original to Aspiring Kennedy