Monday Moods: I feel... off.

After one month in the US,
our bags are once again packed
and stuffed with the splendors
of Christmas morning & American retail prices.

Delicacies such as chile rellenos & fried okra
have made our jeans fit a bit tighter,
but the time with our loved ones has made our heart swell, too.

So as I anxiously await touching down in London
and moving on to a glorious stint in Paris,
I'm also saying goodbye to a few aspects of life
that I've been enjoying so much in the States.

Hunting through my mom family's abandoned grocery store for buried treasures. I found some good ones!

Roasting s'mores with family and watching Downton Abbey.

The retail craziness in the US. So much of everything... Is that 24 species of Pop-Tarts?

Decent burgers- because let's be honest: England kinda sucks at making burgers.

Spending time with my grandma...

And surprising her with dinner on her wedding china. (She wanted "spaghetti with a big glass of milk." ha!)

And of course, playing with my sweet niece. Good grief, I love that girl.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy