NYC 5th Anniversary Photo Shoot

While we were in New York 
celebrating our fifth anniversary,
we had some pictures taken
by the one & only, Victoria Wall.

I wasn't feeling particularly photogenic that day.

We had been walking all day,
I had eaten two hot dogs & a piece of cake an hour before...
definitely not the pre-game routine a model would recommend.

I ditched the red dress bought especially for the occasion,
and defaulted to my daily uniform
of £4 black skinny jeans & a blazer.

Victoria met us at the hotel
walked us a couple of blocks 
towards Bergdorfs & Central Park
and snapped sporadic shots along the way.

Did I have high hopes for how they would turn out?

Not really...
but when I got these in my inbox last night,
I learned an important lesson:
 Never underestimate the skill of a good photographer.

What Michaelangelo could do to a hunk of marble,
so Victoria did with two tired lovebirds.

These shots capture the both of so well,
highlight the January weather that made our wedding so perfect,
and are a keepsake that we'll enjoy looking at through the years.

*all images by NYC based photographer, Victoria Wall.
**please do not use without crediting source.