Weekend Revelry: Flashback

My mom sent me some pictures 
last week while we were traveling on our Mystery Trip.

They are pictures from when I was younger,
visiting many of the same places.

After looking at them,
I had the strong realization
that somethings really never do change.

Enjoy some entertainment at the expense of my pre-adolescent fashion.

Happy Weekend!

purple jean shorts & partial-pigtails. you betcha.

red scrunchie. hunter green anorak. navy cotton striped play pants... & bulky pink nikes. oh yeah.

fashion trends may come & go... but chipmunk cheeks are eternal.

If only my mom could pass down that embroidered sweatshirt of the Eiffel Tower. If only.

One final look of me in a gold track suit with leather sandals
and my mom in a visor.

You're welcome.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy