Marion Cotillard- FOURSALE

Women here in France have such great style.

Where some people might attribute "messy hair" to Pinterest,
I credit the streets of Paris.

There is just an intelligently-disheveled look that I like very much.

Floppy buns tied messily into hair,
with faces shining simply with lipgloss.

Corduroy coats with toggles up top,
and opaque tights with worn flats below.

All together it creates a look that feels like Hermione Granger gone indie....

And it's awesome.

The girl that does this best {in my eyes} is Marion Cotillard.

Sure, she can look pristine on the Red Carpet....

She can look stunning in advertisements....

But my favorite look,
is the look that I first started liking in "The Good Year."

Perfectly simple. Perfectly French.

And how can I channel her loveliness? 

Well that might be impossible, 
but you better believe I'm going to try.

Miss Dior Cherie, $80 | Bioderma Make Up Remover €15.25 | TopShop Striped Dress, £15

And today, I'm offering a FOURSALE of my favorite French cosmetic product....
BIODERMA Crealine H2O Make-Up Remover.

I bet you've heard of it, haven't you?

I first learned about it from Gwyneth on GOOP
and have been a believer since I furiously ran out and bought some.

This pink-capped bottle is legendary here... 
and only here, as it not widely sold outside of France.

It's like putting water on your face, it's seriously so gentle.
No stinging eyes. No oily residue. 

Just a perfectly clean face.

I went to grab a bottle for Helena the other day,
threw in a bottle for myself...
and thought that some of you might want some, too.

It's seriously fantastic... and the bottles are really big.
{I just finished off a bottle after 1 year.}

As always, first come... first served.

{Update: SOLD OUT.}