Gimme More Gimmelwald

This blog started out the same way most blogs do...

randomly babbling about whatever crossed my mind.

These days, I've heard it classified as a "travel blog."

It probably won't always be that,

but for now 

I'm jotting down our travels as quickly as I can.

I do this for two reasons...

the first is, selfishly, to help me remember.

If I don't have a diary like this,

our adventures start blurring together.

The second reason is to help inspire you.

Maybe it gives you a nudge towards booking that summer vacation,

maybe it inspires you to re-do that room with a little mediterranean flare,

or maybe it gives you a 2 minute vacation every day.

I used to work in an office in the industrial area of Dallas. 

I really

enjoyed mental breaks like that during the day

to remind me that, yes, there was life 

beyond the drama & budgets within an office.

But for our latest adventure, I have you to thank.

You recommended Gimmelwald to me,

and I took you up on it.

It was incredible.

If you haven't heard of this little slice of heaven,

well then, let me do the honors.

We left Interlaken Ost station for Gimmelwald.

It takes 55 minutes. We used this site

to tell us how to get there.

After a train, a bus, & a gondola,

we stumbled out of the platform 

into snowy Gimmelwald. 

We ate a little picnic of sandwiches & creamy cheese.

Then we explored the tiny, sleepy town nestled in the alps.

We also saw about six small avalanches pour down on the hills around us...

which was a bit unnerving for us Texas folk.

We wandered around on top of the clouds,

with no one else there to bother us...

{Except a few furry locals.}

We were pretty much on Cloud Nine... 

in a very literal sense.

And how did we bridge the gap between this heavenly experience

& normal life back down on the mountain?

Why with naughty warm drinks, of course!

For those of you that recommended Gimmelwald, thank you!

I might travel a lot and have some things to recommend... 

but I know that all of "you" have exponentially more to travel advice than me!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy