Swiss Bliss

Dear Switzerland,

Thank you for having us to ski today.

We enjoyed it so very much. 

All day, we couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful place you have.

Your cousin, Colorado, has some great ski resorts...

but I have to tell you:

 I think you might have better.

There are just so many great features that we loved,

like the gorgeous craggy peaks & 

bright blue skies...

your cozy mountain top chalets offering drool-inducing items 


fondue, apple strudel with custard, & hot drinks....

and my favorite: the sun chairs we lounged in to enjoy the 60 degree temperature.

You even have polka music playing over the speakers at the ski lifts.

I might just have a new favorite place to ski.

Yours Truly,

Aspiring Kennedy

P.S. I hope we didn't embarrass you with our dorky helmets.

We just like to be safe and stuff. 

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy