La {Cote} Gauche: A Tasty Side of France

This weekend is the last full weekend I work in Paris.

I'll still be around for a bit longer, 

but this is the last weekend with my spring students...

and it somehow resulted in an impromptu trip to Normandy with 16 people.

Starting with Giverny 

to visit Monet's house...

... spending a night 

at a completely charming country house

in the outskirts of Mont St. Michel...

... and filling a full day to explore the WWII Normandy Beaches.

Every stop along the way checks off lifetime dreams of mine.

One thing I need to say:

Normandy is a really well-kept secret.

It's got absolutely everything you could want out of a French town.

Amazing churches,

quiet squares decorated with fountains,

the smell of butter wafting through the streets...

and the food is amazing.


What Tuscany is to Italian cuisine,

so Normandy is to French cuisine.

Hearty dishes made from pure local ingredients.

Sitting down to a plate full of pork & cider stew

piled by a mound of gratin potatoes....

Or waking up to a fresh cake 

with homemade apple & cinnamon jam 

made from the apple tree outside...

Well friends, I have to say,

it doesn't get much better than that.

Don't worry...

this post isn't the only one you'll see about our trip.

You'll see pretty places & find out cool things to do.

This is just to whet your appetite...

*artwork original to Aspiring Kennedy