Monday Moods: I feel... blurry.

As I mentioned on Saturday,

we went to Normandy this weekend.

The first stop on our trip was Claude Monet's house in Giverny.

We were rushed to catch the next train,

so we only had one hour there.

It really should be at least three...

but it was sunny, our guide was amazing

& it lived up to all I had thought it would be,

As we rushed around the estate

from the famous water garden...

{where I could happily spend hours 

sitting by the water garden

being bored & picking petals off the tiny flowers}

On through through the main garden

in front of his colorful house,

I was absolutely giddy.

When I was four or five, 

I became a bit obsessed with Monet's Water Lilies.

In my delusional mind, it felt like they were made especially for my enjoyment.

My parents bought me a replica (obviously) 

and hung it on the wall across from my bath tub.

This silent presence during my bath time

ultimately resulted in countless attempts 

of me 

trying to float like one of  Monet's lilies

on top of the water of my bath tub.

I never could stay a float for more than a few seconds

and it always left me wishing that I had stem 

that could, to my young self, given me the support needed

 to allow me to rest above the water.

As we sat on the train 

that chugged us deeper towards the French coast,

I couldn't help but find our moment in Giverny 

to be anything short of a beautiful, albeit blurry, place.

Just like Monet painted it.


If you want to visit Monet's house in Giverny...

Take a train from Paris St. Lazare to Vernon, it's approximately 50 minutes.

Take the bus outside the station. It will drive you to Monet's house for €4 round trip, per person.

If you would like to prebook a guide, I recommend Ariane. She is lovely.

The gardens close during winter on November 1, but reopen April 1


Give yourself 2.5 hours to walk the property.