Summer Scarves: Give 'Em The Run Around

Paul Smith, Multi Dye Stripe Scarf £95 | Alexander McQueen Anenome Scarf, $625 | Paul Smith Pink & Gray Canvas, £125

Missoni Coral ZigZag, £165 | Madeline Thompson Lattice Print Scarf , £170 | Me & Kashmere Pink Python Scarf, £125

Paul Smith Pink Polka Dot, £90 | Bindya Pink & Purple Scarf, $125 | Alexander McQueen Leopard Scarf, $475

I've never been one to stick with a particular style.


ride the recent trends with gusto,

and relish experimenting with any & every style

as if I'm in a constant state of celebration for Halloween.

Instead of dressing like a fairy, vampire, or slutty sailor,

I opt for dabbling in genres like hipster, sorority girl & Northeastern trust-funder.

Flipping through styles

allows me to constantly play a respectable form of dress up.

{Because we can't all be Lady GaGa.}

A couple of summers back,

as summer scarves started appearing on every girls neck,

my sister rolled her eyes at me one day

as I plopped down at the breakfast table.

"What the heck is the purpose of a scarf at this time of year?"

Erm, I don't know. 

To look awesome?

It's probably true.

In Texas, there really was no need for a scarves

except to serve as

decoration for your decolletage.

But now that I live in Europe,

I realize their merit

as they constantly provide the perfect transition

between the constantly fluxuating temperatures.

Hot bus to cold street.

Warm day out to chilly night on a terrace.

There never seems to be a day when I don't realize

 how glad I am to have the extra layer.

As I begin to plan for my summer travel schedule & packing list,

a new scarf is definitely on my check-list.

I'd love to invest in one of the amazing scarves...

but until I'm ready to trade my awesome job

for a more lucrative one,

I'll just have to enjoy these from a distance.

What do you think about summer scarves?

Completely awesome or Completely ridiculous?