Get Out the Cigars!

I'm an aunt again!

Yesterday, my sister in law, Tara, had her baby...

she had pretty much the best birth I've ever heard of before.

Checked-in at 5:30, got induced, felt kinda crampy, pushed for an hour, baby born...

all by lunch time!

That's impressive baby-birthing people.

{And it was her first kid!}

Tyler & I were giddy all day.

Like, we were acting ridiculous.

Pacing, texting his family, making weight predictions.

We were just too excited!

Sweet baby Greyson {"Grey," if you will} isn't our first nephew,

in fact... we already have 3 nephews & two nieces,

but we LOVE all of their guts.

And this guy- with his scrunchy, little chubby face & fluffy hair- is no exception.