FOUR SALE: Summer Skirt

I've been in Scotland for the past few days

for a quick work trip.

After the endless complaining I have been doing

about the endless crappy weather here,

I have been silenced.

The clouds broke, the sun appeared,

the temperatures have risen...

and we, my friends, are experiencing a heat wave!

I am so happy!

I've literally been going non-stop since the sun arrived

in order to enjoy every moment of the good weather that I can.

I'm back in London now,

but have a really exciting treat for you all...

this totally awesome skirt.

{If I do say so myself!}

Psst... I finally joined instagram! Username: aspiringkennedy.... duh. :)

I found this little gem in Edinburgh

and loved how perfect it was in the summer weather...

it's cool fabric feels great on a sunny day,

long length & pattern that is terribly summer appropriate,

and is, actually, totally flattering... which I really appreciate.

I instagram'd it from Edinburgh and it seemed that every comment was:

"Love your skirt!"

When I saw the general response, 

a little bell went off in my mind:

Obviously, you all need one, too.

So, I bought some.

And now I'm selling them to you.

No special brand, just from a local store here...

but it is super cute and the perfect (cheap) addition for summer!

Please remember, all sales are final...

as I can't take these back. :)

Skirt US2/ UK 6:


Skirt US 4/UK 8:


Skirt US 6/UK 10:


Skirt US 8/UK 12:


Skirt US 10/UK 14:


*all sales final. 

**please allow for cheap/slow shipping, as i like to keep the shipping price as low as possible. arrival is typically about 2 weeks from purchase. :)