It's Fun Having Cool Friends...

... because when you have cool friends, 

you get to do cool things with them

instead of sitting around your flat

clicking through Suri's Burn Book, 

eating yoghurt that is past it's expiration

while waiting for your pants to finish drying on the radiator.

I mean not like I do that or anything.... 

at least, not every day.

A good example of this


when I got to help Helena style her flat

for a shoot for

The Everygirl.

And when I say "style," 

you realize that actually, basically, means:

eat almond croissants, chat up the photographer

& root through Helena's make up & jewelry while she tried on clothes.

Yeah, it was super fun.

photos by lbk

Sarah Hogan


the photographer, was amazing.

Not only are her pictures fantastic, 

but she is way fun to work with...

like, I want to go buy a huge house,

spend tons to decorate it,

get in disastrous debt...

just to give me another excuse to spend the day

hanging out with her.

I stole a few shots from the piece to show off her skills...

photos by

Sarah Hogan

So, go on.

Click through to see

the entire shoot

and fall more in love with Helena

for being the incredible mix of exotically fabulous

(Greek girl- raised in Spain- who went to French school & works in London?)

and completely down-to-earth

You'll love seeing how NORMAL her house is.

It makes me happy to see her pretty life showcased this way.

I, in the meantime, will be sitting here...

drinking a tepid cup of chamomile tea & moving files to my external hard-drive.


Annnnnnd that is why I'm thankful to have friends that are actually not losers.