Dreaming of St. Andrews

I'm back from our blogger weekend in Italy

and am already pulling 12 hour work days

as my new semester starts.

It feels good though.

I like being busy.

Before I get heavy on the Italy pictures

and trying to articulate all that happened during our trip,

here are the dreamy shots I promised

from our trip to St. Andrews.

Even though I lucked out with posh accommodation this time,

what I typically like the most about this town

is how


 St. Andrews is.

There are just a few streets running through the town

lined with approachable restaurants, regular shops & charity shops....

it's just a sweet place for regular people to live and study.

{Or for Royals to fall in love... whichever.}

Regardless of the town being really tiny and secluded

and being, well, pretty much freezing most of the year, 

I actually think I could live there.

Isn't this place the cutest?

To get more information on visiting St. Andrews,


my post here

on things to do

and my review on staying at the famous

Old Course Hotel.

And if you wonder if the nut falls far from the tree,

this picture of my dad taking a picture

reminds me that my genetic predisposition is what it is.

No need to keep fighting it.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy