Beginner's Manual for Staying In An {Italian Villa}

When we planned this blogger hen-do, we knew it had to have a supreme backdrop. With us all coming from different places in Europe, we knew that most any decent place within the reaches of Ryan Air was our play ground. So we settled on Tuscany. Megan, our bride-to-be, had never been, and as a wedding gift to her, I thought she should experience the greatness that is Italy. And, as you may be realizing, I have issues with spending any free time I have there. Really bad issues. So Liz found us an amazing villa on *AirBnB, we paid the deposit, packed our bags, and away we went. If you are looking for an affordable place to rent in Tuscany, this might be your spot. It has four bedrooms,

two and a half bathrooms, large common areas,

an updated kitchen perfect for making big meals,

and, most importantly, a pool set among an olive grove.

It took a lot, I mean, a lot to post a picture of me in a swimsuit next to tiny Megan. The other great thing is that it's about 15 minutes away from my favorite place in the world, Lucca. I have highlights from Florence & Cinque Terre to come,  but for now, enjoy the quick trip to our temporary piece of heaven.

To read the more tragic & real start to our trip, head over to Liz or Megan's blogs for the recount. They wrote out the stories so well, I'll leave it up to them to give you the full picture. {Read my review for renting an affordable house in France here.}


*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

**if you haven't used AirBNB, use this link. We both save money. Win-win.