Pack Your Bags | Cinque Terre

Last summer, I posted about Cinque Terre and gave my recommendations for a trip to this gorgeous chunk of heaven that sits dotted along the Italian coast. This time I just want to hit a few of the highlights and show you some gorgeous pictures from the rebuilt town of Vernazza. You might remember that last year the Cinque Terre was more or less wiped out by severe flooding that swept down from the hillsides. My cousins visited Vernazza in June and described it as a ghost town compared the vibrant place that it used to be. Mi non piaci. The idea of going back was a little scary to me...I wasn't in the mood to see one of my favorite places in deserted shambles. But we had a free day with Megan & Stephen before our flight and decided to give it a go.

Besides the 45 minutes of sun-tannings & relaxing that we had on the pier, I was so glad to go and see that life was, basically, back to normal in the Cinque Terre. The people of the 5Terre have worked tirelessly and, to my delight, rebuilt the town.

The same places have come back and are now freshly standing where they once were.

For those that asked if the Cinque Terre is worth visiting after the floods, I can now say, yes!

I give my blessing for you to go back to Vernazza...because you were all, obviously, waiting for that, right? It's alive! {And ready for some tourists to get it back in business!}


*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy