Being Gifted: The Hostess Gift

I'm writing this from a ferry in between Wales & Ireland

as I make the last leg of the final trip

for my fall semester with my group.

Predictably, it's foggy and cold outside

but inside the ferry it's warm

and I'm nursing a cup of tea

while my eye wanders back and forth from my computer

to the fat wedges of carrot cake sitting at the ship's cafe.

Speaking of fat,

my belly is getting pretty big these days.

I can officially no longer button my regular pants,

have split one pre-maternity dress all the way up the backside,

and have started being asked by strangers when I'm due.

At the finale of my semester and 24 weeks,

I now have the ability to tell when my babies are sleeping or awake,

and the awakening sensation that "this" is actually happening.

I'm going to have two babies...

and it's not going to be that far away.

Besides the tragic blowout of that dress, 

the other mile marker that is making all of this seem real

are my upcoming baby showers.

I'll be headed back to the States next week

for two showers and an early Christmas in Oklahoma.

While I've been happily stocking our registry

full of cute things might someday fill our little flat,

I've also been shopping around for a way to say thanks

to the friends and family who are graciously sharing

in this exciting time

by hosting baby showers for me.

Hostess gifts are alway tricky for me.

What I want to buy and what I can afford to buy

for all of these great women

is a difficult equation to crack.

Today, I'm loving these new books

that my long-time favorite stationer & design studio,

Mr. Boddington has designed for these Penguin classics.

All $17.99 at Anthropologie:

Little Women | Jane Eyre | Pride & Prejudice | Sense & Sensibility | Alice In Wonderland

Classics like Pride & Prejudice, Alice & Wonderland & Jane Eyre

have been made to look oh-so-lovely.

I love any addition that can pretty up any home

without infringing on too much space.

{I'm not sure I can say the same for these two babies.}

You all have pretty good taste...

help me a sister out.

What's a hostess gift you have given/received

that you loved?