Thanksgiving Goes Global

There are a lot of reasons to be thankful


When you're surrounded by people you love,

eating delicious food in lovely homes,

and enjoying the luxury of PTO...

it's easy to remember how good life is.

It's a little hard to feel those same feelings

when you are an ocean away

living in a country

that doesn't celebrate

or acknowledge this holiday.

So how does an expat cope

on this most American of holidays?

I've asked three of my favorite displaced bloggers

to chime in on how they celebrate Thanksgiving

where ever it is they've found themselves today.

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So how will we be celebrating?

Well, if you've seen my instagrams,

you might know I'm in Scotland.

I'll be taking my students to St. Andrews

for a proper American Thanksgiving dinner

hosted at

St. Andrews Old Course Hotel.

So when you can't be at home



thirds of your mom's cherry pie-

you learn to find the next best thing.

And let me tell you...

being in a place like St. Andrews

kinda does help ease the pain.

I'll be enjoying the day

being thankful for the jackpot God has given me:

his endless love, 

the funnest & nicest husband alive,

two (!) healthy baby girls,

work that constantly challenges & fulfills me,

a huge family who I couldn't love more,

and all of you, my blog family!

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