Ciao Venezia!

Buon giorno!

Today, we are off to Venice

for one last adventure

for just the two of us.

While we both hope

that babies won't mean

an end to our adventures,

we definitely won't be

sleeping in late

and staying out at long dinners

for a while...

but that's okay, 

because that will be an adventure, too...

Erm... right?

There's snow on the forecast today

here in London,

so keep your fingers crossed

that the runways are clear

and planes are moving

so that this mamma mia

can get to Italy!

We'll be with our good friends,

Tyler &


wandering around Burano,

exploring lonely canals,

and eating an obscene amount of carbs & dairy.


We've been to Venice a handful of times

and I hav to say...

there's not a single restaurant

that I can remember being amazing there.

Okay, other than Harry's Bar

and while we are living it up this weekend...

we aren't living it up to that extent!

Anyone have a place that you particularly

love to eat in Venice?

And don't forget,

you're welcome to

join our trip

{via Instagram...}

username: aspiringkennedy


PS. I just realized this will be the girls

third time to Italy already

after my trips to

Rome & Tuscany

this summer...

and they aren't even born!

If they keep up moves like this,

they are going to make me look bad. ;)

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