In The Moment.

I had one of those moments tonight
where the gravity of how good things are
falls on your heart
and life just seems so precious.

I was sitting in a bubble bath
{pretty much my favorite time of day}
and suddenly got worked up.

Maybe it's the increase in hormones
or the big changes closing in on us...
but having this man beside me,
these crazy babies inside me
and family & friends that lavish us with support
makes me feel like a really lucky lady.

photo by Victoria Wall Harris

I know, I know
we aren't guaranteed what tomorrow will look like,
it could really suck.

But I don't like to live  
preparing for the worst-case scenario...
because it robs today of all it's goodness.

For this small window of time this tiny flat 
that is gets increasingly crowded
with baby stuff, Tyler & I both working from home
and my ever-expanding stomach,
life is sweet.

Getting loved on by my friends at my Dallas baby shower.

Ok, now it's your turn to get all Pollyanna 
and look at this phase of your life 
through some rose colored glasses.

How will you look back 
on what is great 
about this stage of your life?



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