Pack Your Bags | Parisian Day Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Tyler & I had to run to Paris for a quick day trip for work. {Yes, I agree. My boss should be sainted for giving me tasks like this.} As glorious as Paris is in the summer & spring, I really like it in the cold, too. It reminds me of living there last spring. The cold and loneliness of the city during these frigid winter months  offers an appealing charm to me. Plus, the sales are amazing at this time of year. The Babies Kennedy made out like bandits at Monoprix. {I also scored the coat in my maternity pictures for €30 then, too.}

It was a quick trip,

and was the perfect little day trip

for these parents-to-be relishing their last few days of "freedom." We had a long lunch  over hot onion soup & quiche at a cute place about 15 minutes walk away from the Louvre just on the Left Bank. {In case you're interested: Comptoir Des Saints-Peres, 29 Rue Des Saint-Peres, 75006}

We savoured things that we knew would be luxuries in the weeks/months/years ahead. We shopped a little... we took our time wandering around in the cold...we walked up and down metro station stairs with ease... and then we had our favorite steak-frites before hopping the Eurostar back to London.

The next time we arrive in the city of lights, it will be as a foursome.

Which may mean it will be a scenario as chaotic as the metro at 1am on a Saturday night, but it also sounds... well, pretty fantastic.

32W6D- Parisian Style

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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