Apartment Therapy & Our Love Nest

There are a few things I established firmly

during my early twenties on my

"in my wildest dreams" list.


One was living in Europe.

One was being cool enough to have a home

that could be on a site like Apartment Therapy.

One was being best friends with Tina Fey.

I'm glad to say that the first did arrive.

And while the third is in the works

{read: not happening in this lifetime},

the second one did come true today.

Yes, friends,

our tiny abode is now live

on Apartment Therapy.

(One of this blogger's favorite sites ever.)

b262114564bb8e0d940802fb01803f69644e94d3 2.jpeg


Ever since the early days of blogging, I've loved this site

so getting to have our tiny home featured on 

such an amazing site

is beyond flattering.


I'm pretty much as excited as Liz Lemon 

on Italian sub day.


I'd love for you to click through and

take a peek

out our home

{including the darling nursery that Pulp Design Studios created for us}...

and if you want to leave a comment, I'd think that'd be pretty awesome, too.


Don't expect fabulous swanky furniture

and pricey designer decor...

this is, after all, only the Aspiring Kennedy's home.

{Read: We happily orbit in the real world.}


Thanks Apartment Therapy

& Eleanor for the

sweet feature


You made my