The Babies Kennedy: The Bassinet's Half Full

Dear Friends,


It's with puffy eyes

and an exhausted brain

that I type this post out.


Saturday, I gave birth to our twins

at St. Mary's Hospital in London.


For unforeseen circumstances

-and fortunately for my future sanity, unpreventable-

we are now back home 

settling into our new life 

with only one of them.


While we are devastated 

by the unexpected loss 

of our second twin

{who we'll always refer to as our little "Baby B"},

we are completely enamored

by her sister's presence in our life.


While the world may seem different today than it did 5 days ago,

it, amazingly, somehow still feels better

now that we have this child in our life...

In spite of the moments of deepest heartache

that well up at the remembrance of our previous expectations

and the site of a second pair or ruffled socks

or the empty car seat sitting attached to our stroller,

Tyler & I find ours hearts bursting with love & pride

over the life of our sweet daughter.


This amazing pregnancy was never ours to begin with...

it's been a gift we were given from the very beginning.


While we ache over losing our little girl,

we feel exceptionally blessed to walk away from it all

with my failing-health restored

and a daughter.


We are thankful that God was merciful enough

to give us two babies from the start....


where would we be at this moment had he not?

While we can see this moment as one of the darkest of our lives,

we are trying to enjoy finding the joy in it.


So last night, we decided

that we are going to celebrate that,

in spite of this sad loss,

that the bassinet is half-full.



I hope that as I begin to wrap my head 

around the last few days,

I'll be able to share more with you...


But for now I just wanted to express my thanks

for those that have written and worried,

your concern for our lives really does mean so much.


And I'd also like to introduce you to our daughter,

she's absolutely perfect.


Lauren & Tyler


While I fall a bit off the radar as our families & friends help us adjust to new life, I hope you'll enjoy the posts that I wrote before delivery regarding some of my favorite places to travel & enjoy tea time in London.

As much as I'd love to help with travel emails & questions, I know you understand my need to focus elsewhere. Thanks for all of your generous and selfless support for our family, I can't articulate how much it means.