Between The Sheets: Peacock Alley

In the short span of my life,

I've learned that there are few things

that can subtly let you know

when someone is of a higher pedigree.

A few of these tell-tale signs can include

(but are not limited to):

well-made Italian driving shoes...

having a cousin who dated a Kennedy...

casual references to childhood au-pairs & yacht captains...

&, of course, 

those with fantastically luxe bed linens.


There is something intangible about crawling into a cool bed

made with crisp, expensive sheets.

It gives you that same feeling you get

when you hand a valet your keys,

lounge in a spa robe waiting for a massage,

or get upgraded to first class.

You just feel... fancy.

So today, I am very happy to offer one of you

this upgrade into first-class daily life...

a set of luxury bed sheets from

Peacock Alley


I know, I know...

bed sheets?

Sounds a bit... everyday,

but if you aren't familiar with this line, 

you'll want to be soon.

These babies are the Birkin bag of bed sheets

made of 100% Egyptian cotton...

Being a Dallas girl,

I've always had a huge respect for this line

and the gorgeous work that they do.

And now,

one of you will get to hop in bed

with some of there newest collection,

The Emma Sheet Collection

and win a set of your choice of color

in sheets & pillow shams.

{Honestly, I am


jealous of whoever wins this.

Just promise me if you win,

one Sunday morning when you lounging in bed

with a breakfast tray and newspaper,

you'll raise that mimosa and toast to the Aspiring Kennedy...

Winner will be drawn Friday, March 1, 2013.

Good luck!