Right as I started on this quest

to find great tea rooms in London,

it seems the requests have been pouring in.

That, my friends, is what we call "perfect timing."

I'm really excited about the tea room

you're getting to see today.

Not only is it fantastic,

but it's also really central

so it's perfect for anyone visiting the city...

It's also a short bus ride directly to/from my flat,

so I now know that I can easily access

this cute place whenever I so desire.

And that my friends, is what we call "trouble."



This little tea shop + chocolaterie

is the brain child of some very hip people:

the former head of concept (

Joel Bernstein)

and former accessories & fashion consultant (Walid al Damirji)

of the hippest store in London

(and my personal favorite), 


It's only natural that the aesthetic would be hip

and that the vibe would be cool.

Coming from two people like this

-with experience like theirs-

how could you expect anything else?

Well, you shouldn't...

because COCOMAYA delivers.

It's located in central London,

right near Marble Arch

and a few blocks from Oxford Street.

It's basically in the perfect spot

for you to melt in

after several hours of working your way

through the shops of Oxford Street.

The shop's location is tucked back a bit, 

so you'll avoid most tourist traffic.

Tea is served in vintage tea pots

and mismatched tea cups....

...cakes are served up on randomly cute china plates...

and the overall feeling is,

well, just really lovely.

The prices aren't crazy

and the selection of delicious cakes & pastries

will allow everyone to find their heart's desire.

{Mine happened to be a raspberry & vanilla cake. Oh my.}

Don't expect too much privacy, 

as the main seating area is one large shared table...

but it adds to the ambiance of the place.

If you want to opt for the fancy high tea

or cream team,

they do these also.

{In fact, there is even a second room to the shop

that hosts private parties and fancy tea time.}

There are also small cafe tables outside

that can be huddled over

if the weather allows for it.

All in all,

this place is great.

I loved getting to spend a few hours

in Cocomaya with a new friend...

....and I'm looking forward to many more

afternoons there in the future.



12 Connaught Street

London W2 2AF

+44 7706 2883

Tube Stop: Marble Arch

*check the website for additional locations*

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy