To A Tea | The Orangery at Kensington Palace

Obviously, I want to be friends with Kate Middleton.

Excuse me, the Duchess of Cambridge.

We live so close by each other,

we're both tall, &

we both have brown hair.

It just makes sense.

And obviously, she wants to be my friend, too.

Her wedding dress had lace sleeves like mine

{I don't mind that she copied me},

and she jumped on the baby train right after I did,

It's nice to know the feeling is mutual.

So until our paths collide

and we become the best of friends

pushing our prams around Kensington High Street,

browsing the sale racks of Reiss together,

and sipping tea from their royal apartment in Kensington Palace...

I'm happily settling for afternoon tea at

The Orangery

at Kensington Palace.

Pretty much the same thing...

minus the whole

"hanging out with the Princess" bit.

Either way,

if you come to London

and find yourself having tea at the Orangery,

you won't feel like you've settled in the least.

In fact, you may feel a bit like royalty yourself.



at Kensington Palace

While Kate might be everyone's first choice

for companionship over tea at The Orangery,

I was lucky to share my afternoon

with long-time blogging friend,


and her adorable daughter, Claire,

who were in town visiting from Senegal.

It was a lovely afternoon, 

and the chilly weather

even behaved enough

to give the place some

gorgeous sunlight for our little date.

The Orangery is a gorgeous tea room

and the setting is perfectly palatial

with clean walls

and bright floral arrangements.

The afternoon tea is £19

and includes all the trimmings

expected at afternoon tea.

{Sandwiches, scones & cakes served with a pot of tea.}

Or you can opt for the cream tea for £9...

which will get you a pot of tea + two scones

served with jam and cream.

Though it's only served on a small plate and is a bit less glorious in presentation,

if that matters to you.

You can also order food off of

their seasonal menus

if you'd rather opt for something a bit more substantial.

The setting really is perfect though.

Not too girly that you can't bring a man...

in fact, there were more men present here

than any other "tea room" I've visited.

But it's also perfect for an afternoon of catching up

and lingering over sweets

with friends.

And if you can snag a table outside in the summer,

well... I think you'd really be feeling like a princess.

And yes...

as this picture proves,

I am taller in real life than most people think.

5'10" and 9 months pregnant, folks.


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*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy